The Uwerx project is especially promising. Considering the growing appeal of the decentralized freelancing platform, we could see growth eclipse STEPN (GMT) by 300x or more.

Transforming the Freelancing Experience

The freelance economy is booming right now, despite the ongoing economic crunch. It is estimated that in the USA alone, almost 56 million people are doing a side gig in addition to their primary job. The flexible working economy especially got a boost during the COVID-19 pandemic and hasn’t looked back ever since. Uwerx is the next up-and-coming disruptor of the space. Its decentralized platform will provide both clients and freelancers with a revolutionary new P2P employment experience.

The platform has considerable other advantages compared to legacy freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. The latter charge exorbitant amounts in commission while giving end users little flexibility and freedom. It will charge a 1% commission (as compared to at least 20% charged by centralized competitors- Upwork and Fiverr).

Using the smart contracts approach, freelancers can actually engage directly with the clients and get instant payouts as compared to long wait times and endless fees commonly found on other websites.

The decentralization of things means that contracts on the Uwerx platform will be completely immutable and transparent for everyone to see. There will be considerable end user protections available, including copyright protection and verified portfolios.

The company has successfully undergone audits through InterFi Network and SolidProof and is ready to deliver the goods as soon as possible.

Price Predictions for STEPN (GMT)

STEPN (GMT) currently has a market capitalization of $237 million. STEPN (GMT) price is volatile overall, but it has posted roughly 77% price gain since the start of 2023 from $0.23 to $0.41 at press time. It had risen to $0.66 at one point (188%) but couldn’t sustain those levels and has now lost most of its value.

STEPN’S (GMT) price prediction for the future is a little complicated as it is a small coin, and we are in a bear market. Should Bitcoin (BTC) trend with bullish momentum, ALT coins are expected to follow and STEPN (GMT) may rise 130% further before sinking back and posting new 2023 lows.

Uwerx (WERX) Token Pre-Sale and Anticipated Explosion in Value

The Uwerx is a perfect recipe for a promising decentralized platform, and it is likely to post consistent growth in the near future. Currently, the WERX token is being offered at a pre-sale rate of $0.00995, analysts are predicting a massive turnaround for the digital asset, and it is expected to reach $0.60 by Q3-Q4 2023. A massive 120,000% price appreciation for the new coin.

This means that Uwerx is a much more lucrative investment option. Flexible working is the work lifestyle of the future. 48% of Americans have stated that they view freelancing as their main source of income. Uwerx will provide for this explosive demand. The presale price will go up as time progresses, investors should get in whilst they can.

Here are some links to the pre-sale and the company’s social media: