Alternatively, a tour through the hills in the east from Tavira visiting the Stupa Budista at Malhão, The secret bridge over the Ribeira Gilao and the viewpoint at Alcaria de comb including a break in Cachopo.

All riders eventually arrived at restaurant O Folclore in Alte for an excellent lunch with the entertainment provided by the resident comedian better known as Baltazar the donkey.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Michael Jensen;

Great roads and coastal views on the way for both groups on one of the hottest days of the year so far. Over forty riders took part in the event.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Peter Kenyon;

Leaders on the day were Andrew Chilton from the west assisted by Roy West and Huw Chivers and Peter Kenyon from the east with the help of Neil Macklin and Stuart Watson.