“Tourism creates stronger bonds between countries and between communities. The potential of Canadian tourism to Portugal has already been noticed again since the summer, with Canadians travelling to Portugal. Lisbon represented the fourth destination in the summer for Canadians”, said the diplomat.

In an interview with Lusa, the diplomat explained that “it is not just Canadians with Portuguese, emotional or family connections, but Canadians with no emotional connection to Portugal” who visit the country.

“Portugal is currently a popular destination for Canada, not only as tourists, but also as a country. There is an increase in Canadian investment in Portugal, not only through the free trade agreement between the country and the European Union, it has been expressive, as has been ours, but not in the same proportions”, he stressed.

António Leão Rocha explained that, since the agreement, bilateral trade “has been more favourable to Portugal than to Canada, with Portuguese exports increasing more than Canadian ones”.