Hang on! Some items can be picked up from APAA’s, charity shops in Alvor or Silves. Their ‘Pop-Ups’ always have a bargain. The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve’s long standing SNiP mission is to re-colonise feral cats, and abandoned dogs.

Jenny Clarke, President of APAA, knows only too well. “Most people go overboard at first. Only natural. But like children, puppies will grow too! Buying wisely and carefully is a good prudent move. Especially at the beginning.” Checking out food content, and vitamins for a growing dog. Equipment as safe as possible, bedding, and toys suitable for a puppy. Rubber rings, pull ropes. All to help growing teeth and exercise muscles.

Leads, collars, harness? Colour, texture, retractable? Whoa! Puppies pull. Owners do too. Neither is an option. Training dogs on a leash is a simple exercise. Treats often help when starting out. But, only when the puppy is doing well. A pat and clear reassuring voice messaging is just as pleasing to your pet! Walking gently at first, allowing pet to sniff and customise itself to new surroundings. When animal pulls, stop. Relax. Then re-commence the walking. Slowly. When a young canine friend is on a walk there are lots of doggie smells, interesting stuff, things, we as humans, find frankly, appalling not appealing! Male dogs ‘cock’ and females ‘squat’. But often a young male will squat too.

Often on busy walkways, it is best to have dogs on the inside away from a pavement, noisy traffic and other people. Then it will have a firm leg to lean against in a moment of panic or fear. And a ready, steady hand to comfort and make contact. Of course, parks and natural open spaces are the most wonderful places you can take your friend. Learning how to harmonise with other people and their pets, their smells and voices. Furry, friendly, friends. There are many helpful websites to be visited which can lead you along the right and happy path, both for buying ideas and training. Please remember a dog is for life, how it turns out, is entirely up to you.

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