For Carolina Afonso, CEO of Gato Preto, Guest Brands “is a great opportunity for Portuguese brands to join Gato Preto – the number one decoration brand in Portugal – and thereby reach new audiences, alongside its strong community”, she says, quoted in a statement and reported by ECO. “We are excited to welcome prestigious brands and to offer our customers an even wider selection of unique, high-quality products,” she adds.

“In addition, the Guest Brands will have onboarding and continuous assistance from the Gato Preto team and will be highlighted in the main menu of the online store, with a dedicated landing page, with products and personalised information”.

Flama, LeYa, Silampos, Torres Novas, Science4you, Bioma, Hug and Odisseias are the partner brands of the project.

For a limited period of time, these brands can be found prominently in a selection of Gato Preto physical stores and in the online store, after which time they will be replaced by other new brands in stores.

“The way they will be displayed will be adapted exclusively for each brand, taking into account its characteristics and also in providing a better store experience to the Gato Preto customer”.