This news comes despite the British telecoms giant’s current financial concerns, as just last week the London-listed group announced they’d be cutting 11,000 jobs, over 10% of its workforce, after they recorded weak earnings in its German, British and Italian markets for the year up to the end of March.

Vodafone’s half-a-billion-euro investment sees to improve call and text reliability along with its 4G and 5G offers, among other parts of the business. A spokeswoman for the group declared the announcement as “a testament to our commitment to Ireland.” This comes soon after they finished another €300m investment, which began in 2020. “We firmly believe this investment will ensure that Irish communities can continue to access the latest services. Digital traffic flows have increased 600% in just 7 years, with 45% growth in data traffic in Ireland every year.

The telecoms company, named “best in test” mobile network by engineering services company Umlaut for the 8th year in a row, stated the €500 million investment will ease the “phased transition” of its 3G service into a stronger and more sustainable 4G and 5G network.