The land, covering 260 acres, is for sale under a private treaty, able to be bought in its entirety or in three lots. The territory is currently being used for agriculture, with vacant possession.

The landbank is speculated to be used to address the growing need for more capacity at the airport, and JLL has said this plot will be perfect for its expansion while avoiding passenger disruption.

This year, Dublin Airport is expected to hit record numbers of over 32 million passengers, the maximum allowed by An Bord Pleanála under existing planning permissions.

John Moran, the CEO of JLL, has played up the landbank’s prospects, pointing out how there are limited opportunities around the world to secure an expansion of this scale to an airport. “This provides an exceptional development opportunity as there are no lands of similar zoning and location which are potentially designated for the short and medium-term development of one of Europe’s busiest and most well-connected airports.”

The 2023 to 2029 Fingal County Council Development Plan marks this land as belonging to the DA-Dublin Airport zone, which JLL claims is to “ensure the effective and efficient development of the airport in accordance with an approved Local Area Plan.”

Dublin Airport itself, however, has played down any notions of buying this land, saying they “don’t see a need for a third terminal.” There was no comment over the land specifically, but it was suggested that there were no plans at the moment for expansion.

Graeme McQueen, media relations manager for DAA, the airport’s operating body, stated they too were expecting over 32 million passengers to be travelling through their terminals, however, this won’t be a problem without the land as JLL makes it out to be. In a 2019 inspector’s report from An Bord Pleanála, the planning authority decided that it wouldn’t take any further works to expand the airport’s capacity beyond the current cap. If the airport wishes to do so, they’ll just have to ask for planning permission.

A spokesperson for DAA talked about the current development plan for the airport, with €2 billion being put aside to maintain and develop the operations and infrastructure they already have.