At an electric bicycle production factory in Vagos, the prime minister did not avoid resorting to cycling analogies, in a speech in which he emphasised that it is necessary to continue to “pedal” to ensure the continuity of growth that the Portuguese economy has witnessed.

“When you stop pedalling, naturally, the inertia is not enough for the movement to continue. For this, it is essential that we continue pedalling”, said António Costa, who was speaking at the end of a visit to Unibike.

He stressed that the growth that the country has registered "will continue and increase", giving the example of Unibike itself, a company in which 95% of turnover is based on exports and which is expected to grow 20% this year, compared to 2022 .

“Each company has the prospect of adding a little to its production this year” and all, depending on their size, will “add” to the economy, “which means that the national economy will continue to grow and, if it continues to grow , will continue to generate jobs and jobs of better quality and better paid jobs”, he said.

António Costa stressed that, if economic growth continues, it will be possible to have “more stable public finances, with less debt, with less deficit, allowing the country to continue the trajectory of continuing to reduce the taxation of those who work and pay IRS and to be able to create better conditions to ensure the competitiveness” of the country.