With this same decision, the council permitted the licencing for the construction of a building in Beato parish “composed of two elements with an implementation area of 4203.91sq.m, purposed for habitation, business and tourism, with 131 planned parking spaces.

As per the project denominated “Villa Helena,” it refers to the licensing of a work for a 5-star hotel, with 60 rooms and plans proposed to expand the house.

Approval of this project is conditioned to the authority of the Municipal Directors for Environment, Green Structure, Climate and Energy, particularly to the phytosanitary treatments needed to control the ‘Trioza erytreae’ insect in places where the species doesn’t come into conflict with the proposal.

The project’s approval is also conditioned on the payment of the compensation fee that came from areas not being ceded to the local government for green spaces, public use nor public parking.

“The proposal envisions the total demolition of the pre-existing building and the construction of a new one presenting three facades, two overlooking streets and the other a pedestrian square. This building is destined for tourism, being purposed as an aparthotel, a complex that presents both a hotel and apartments. The establishment will offer 53 T0 rooms, 8 T1 apartments, and a T2,” the plan document states, also indicating the project is approved with a lot of conditions, including the General Director of Cultural Heritage’s over archaeological matters.