The Portuguese restaurant Belcanto was considered the 25th best in the world, in a list which every year ranks the 50 best restaurants in the world.

It is the fourth time that Belcanto has featured in the 50 best restaurants in the world, after reaching 42nd place in 2019 and 2021, in addition to 46th in last year's edition.

At the gala that took place in the City of Arts and Sciences, in Valencia, Central restaurant was the big winner, reaching first place and a place on the Olympus of gastronomy.

Central, located in the capital of Peru, Lima, was also considered the best restaurant in South America, while Disfrutar, in Barcelona, Spain, was considered the best in Europe, having been second in the overall list. The Peruvian restaurant also becomes the first outside the United States and Europe to be among the best in history.