The low-cost air travel segment has been increasing exponentially, particularly between 2001 and 2020. Of all aspects of low-cost products and services, flights registered the most impressive growth, considering that in 2001 they represented only 5% of the global market and by 2020 already had a combined share of 45%.

According to a report by Dinheiro Vivo, this is also one of the few sectors in which consumers with high incomes choose not to pay more for a service, such as for a short or medium-haul flight, privileging low-cost options.

In Portugal, 55% of consumers opt for low-cost air travel. Another 45% opt for low-cost land transport. In the hotel sector, 52% opt for hotels at lower prices.

In the air travel segment, price is more important than quality and brand. In Portugal, the difference is 24 percentage points, with price (59%) taking precedence over quality (35%). Only 6% of Portuguese say that their main criterion for choosing is the brand itself.