Met Éireann reported this June Ireland will break the previous record for hottest June, which stood for 83 years.

June 2023 will surpass the previous record set in June 1940 by more than half a degree.

According to preliminary data, June in Ireland was the first month with an average temperature above 16C.

The third consecutive year that a temperature at or above this value has been recorded in Ireland was marked by the highest temperature of 2023, 28.8C, which was recorded on June 13th at Oak Park in County Carlow.

Climate change increases the likelihood of these record-breaking temperatures, but a recent marine heatwave off the coast has also brought extremely high sea surface temperatures to Irish shores.

Paul Moore climatologists for Met Éireann said: "This year’s particularly warm June is part of an observed warming trend and our research shows that this trend will continue.

He added: "In early June, cool easterly winds on the east coast meant that Phoenix Park and Dublin Airport stations were cooler but they still show their warmest June since 1976.”