The Amalfi Coast is the top destination for a romantic getaway, but Ireland's ruggedly charming Wild Atlantic Way is also among the most romantic places for couples to explore together.

The Algarve, Andalusia, Spain, and the southern part of France are also included in the ranking.

The best honeymoon road trips were compiled by travel experts SkyParkSecure after taking into account variables like the average distance between each stop, the quantity of romantic restaurants, activities for couples, and honeymoon destinations.

Due to the enormous number of romantic restaurants and activities along its many stops, Italy's renowned Amalfi Coast Road trip came out on top in the rankings, receiving a score of 38 out of 40.

Following with a 28 out of 40 rating is Andalusia. This route is ideal for travellers who want to go to places like Marbella and Seville as it only travels an average distance of 45 miles between stops and offers lots of romantic things to do along the way.

Closely followed behind is the Algarve coast and The Wild Atlantic Way in the west of Ireland, both extremely different climates and scenery these two destinations rank very similarly in terms of SkyParks criteria, with the Algarve just edging it in third place.


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