The symbolic moment took place at Porto de Mós Beach in the presence of several entities involved in the process.

The initiative was accompanied by elements of the municipal executive, parish councils, Captaincy of the Port of Lagos, Maritime Police, Municipal Police, Civil Protection, Public Health of Lagos, NECI – Specialised Centre for the Citizen and included, Unilever Portugal (sponsor of the environmental education and awareness campaign "Lagos na Onda do Verão" that integrates the Blue Flag program), lifeguards and the Portuguese Environment Agency, entity that verifies the criteria for the award: Environmental Information and Education, Water Quality, Environmental Management and Equipment, Safety and Services.

Meia Praia, Porto de Mós and Luz were also distinguished this year with "Gold" quality by the environmental non-governmental association QUERCUS for the classification of "Excellent" in terms of water quality.

It should also be noted that the three mentioned beaches, from July 1, are integrated in the program "Accessible Beach – Beach for all", which guarantees, to people with disabilities, accessibility conditions and services that enable the use of the beaches to enjoy them with equity, dignity, safety, comfort, independence and as much autonomy as possible.

For the coming months, environmental awareness activities and the promotion of healthy living on the beaches of the municipality are planned and are also taking advantage of this year's theme of the Blue Flag program - "Geodiversity – You know where you extend your towel", which represents a new way of looking at the biodiversity and geological richness of what is in the soil (sea and coast) and their threats. In fact, this was also the theme of the Lacobrigense campaign - "On our beaches there is a world to discover with millions of years" - in order to gage curiosity for the geological heritage of Lagos.