Sustainable city living

Sustainability has been at the centre of this development. Besides ensuring that the complex has been constructed in a way that meets standards for energy efficiency and sustainability, the building also offers the unique opportunity for residents to use a shared electric car, as an alternative to combustion vehicles. This is part of an initiative aimed at encouraging residents to lower their overall emissions.

"Telhal 72 Liberdade" is a project of Overseas Global, created in 2022 by its CEO, Pedro Vicente. The company has been testing different strategies from incorporating the use of non-polluting transport in cities, and looking at different ways its real estate developments can help contribute to a cleaner environment.

Designed to blend into the city

This project has been constructed in a way to ensure the development respects the typical Lisbon façade, keeping with the historic character of the city. A huge amount of effort has also gone into anticipating and incorporating the necessary elements to meet the demands of those looking for a new property in the city, with a high level of construction and using quality materials.

Its privileged location makes it perfect for those wanting to be in amongst the action of Portugal´s capital. It´s also ideal for digital nomads looking at coming to Lisbon, as well as families who want to live somewhere central and close proximity to public transport, services, commerce and some of the best restaurants, cafes and bars in Lisbon.

A range of apartments available

The condominium offers studios as well as 2 and 3+1 bedroom flats. There is outdoor space in all the residential units, and terraces in the superior flats with a view over the city and private pools.

Pedro Abecassis, CEO of Coldwell Banker Luxus, defines "Telhal 72 Liberdade" as a "quality project for the city of Lisbon, which adds value to our portfolio and is an example of how we work with current and new developers, both national and international. It is also the result of the reinforcement of Coldwell Banker Luxus' Developments Department, a business area increasingly essential in our sector".

Bruno Oliveira Palhoto, Developments Manager, spoke about the pre-sale phase, which has already begun, and said that it "has been very positive and we are optimistic about the evolution of the project. Its proximity to Avenida da Liberdade is a great attraction for our clients".

Coldwell Banker Luxus is a pioneer in the segment of premium developments and holds more than three decades of experience working in the luxury market. The company continues to stand out for its association with innovative projects of high quality, that make a difference to the segment in which it operates.