The initial proposal presented by the Government and the PS proposal to amend some of the numbers in this article were only approved with the favourable votes of the socialist deputies, the abstention of the PCP and the vote against of the PSD, Chega and Iniciativa Liberal, with the BE opting for abstaining from the amendments proposed by the PS and in part of the Government's initial proposal and against the rest.

Thus, "the issuance of new registrations of local accommodation establishments [...] in the form of apartments and accommodation establishments integrated into an autonomous fraction of a building, is suspended throughout the national territory, with the exception of inland territories".

The wording of the article that provides for the suspension of new registrations of local accommodation approved during the votes on the specialty of the Housing working group also determines that it is the municipalities that define, in the respective approved Municipal Housing Letters, "the adequate balance of supply of housing and student accommodation in the respective territory, which allows the end of the suspension" of AL registrations "without prejudice to the identification of the rules and limits of the use of housing fractions for local accommodation".

This suspension, which does not apply to the exploration of properties integrated in the Revive Natureza Fund or to the autonomous regions, "remains in all or part of the area of the municipality in which the situation of housing shortage has been declared".