In an interview with Emanuel D’Almeida, the engineer responsible for the project, the benefits of the project to the city are outlined.

The project came about as the dream of the Urban Green Private mentor who wanted to establish the company in Portugal, Emanuel D’Almeida told The Portugal News. The dream of the Urban Green Private owner was achieved with the construction of a block of 32 apartments, a pioneer project in Portugal, with the engineer mentioning the objective of leaving a positive mark on Faro.

Benefits for Faro

According to Emanuel D’Almeida, the city may benefit from the people that will live in the apartments, as “many of them are retirees who have more leisure time at their disposal and can explore everything the city has to offer.” Therefore, there will be more people to attend the events in the city and to contribute to the growth of Faro, turning it into a more dynamic place to live.

When questioned about choosing Faro as the right city to follow with The Shipyard project, Emanuel D’Almeida highlighted the cultural and natural offer of the city, as well as the commercial offering and variety of infrastructures and services provided by the city to its habitants, that make Faro a great place to help the project thrive.

The Shipyard is a block of “apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, which boast an impressive leisure area on the rooftop.” The residents will also have the opportunity to enjoy some quality time by the pool as well as a spacious surrounding area, which offers views of the city and Ria Formosa. For those on the ground floor, “there will be a garden, and the apartments themselves will stand out with a range of distinctive features.” The apartments will incorporate home automation systems and will also benefit from the installation of an emergency generator “to ensure essential services continue to function during power outages.” Furthermore, every apartment will have access to one or two parking spaces, as well as a station for charging electric vehicles.

“Truly luxurious”

Emanuel D’Almeida revealed a collaboration with Kinda, a renowned company of design and furniture. The partnership will allow the apartments to have “exceptional finishes, high-quality carpentry, and well-appointed kitchens and wardrobes, ensuring a truly luxurious living experience for residents.”

Emanuel D’Almeida shared with The Portugal News that some apartments have already been bought, mentioning that the team responsible for the project makes sure that everybody involved will also follow the steps of the construction, aiming for transparency to facilitate people’s understanding of everything. To buy an apartment in The Shipyard, interested buyers may seek different channels, such as social media.

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Environmental sustainability was also a concern in the construction of The Shipyard, Emanuel D’Almeida mentioned that “all materials used are recycled” and that “heat pump technology for water heating to minimize electricity consumption” is being used.

When asked about the locals' and officials' feedback, the engineer underlined the excitement that people are already feeling with this innovative project that will promote a new image of Faro, bringing benefits to the entire community.

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