However, the total intake of alcohol keeps going down. Beer continued to be Ireland's preferred beverage as its market share of the country's alcoholic beverages increased by more than 8% to 43.5%.

As national and international limitations put in place during the epidemic were gradually lifted and people could once again enjoy their favourite beer in pubs, clubs, and restaurants, the research also revealed that overall beer output in Ireland more than quadrupled in 2022.

Irish beer's top export destination is the UK, followed by the US, France, Germany, and Belgium.

Even if limitations related to pandemics were abolished in 2022 and consumption increased year over year, overall consumption is still down more than 3% from 2019 and per capita consumption is down 7.8%.

However, according to the survey, Ireland has seen a decline in alcohol use over the past 20 years.

Unexpectedly, lager makes up over 60% of the beer drank in Ireland, while stout makes up just around 35%, which will be a setback for Guinness producer Diageo.

The VAT and excise taxes that makeup around 28% of the cost of a pint are paid directly to the Exchequer, with Irish excise rates being the second-highest in the EU after Finland.

According to Drinks Ireland, on-trade establishments like pubs account for two-thirds of beer sales.

Zero-alcohol beer sales climbed by 25% last year, and the market share of this beverage has multiplied four-fold over the previous five years.

If advertising continues, all indications point to Ireland developing a sizable zero-alcohol beer industry in the years to come.