Regional commander, Carlos Silva, said that the air resources are already up and running this morning alongside over 500 personnel.

“We have some inaccessible places and, therefore, the commitment of air resources is very important. We also have people on foot to help consolidate on land”, he added.

“The fire was burning all night. It is less intense, but with the heat of the day and the continuation of the wind, we have to maintain the fight, not least because the area is large”, said the commander, adding that at 09:00 there were no villages at risk, nor victims.

“We only have the record of four operators who needed to be assisted on site. Two due to falls and two due to smoke inhalation, but very minor things, and the four returned to work”, he said.

Carlos Silva also said that there are no roads blocked due to the fire: “We have vehicles spread across the roads, what happens is that the GNR sometimes cuts some lanes to facilitate the movement of means, but there are no roads blocked.”

The alert for the fire was given at 13:51 in the town of Espinheira, at the base of the Montejunto mountain range, consuming an area of eucalyptus and pine trees.