“I will not be a commentator on the decisions. What I can say is the position of the Government of the Azores, which was favourable to the continuity of the golden visas and, taking into account their purpose, to express our disagreement and protest for the unilaterality of the decision”, condemned José Manuel Bolieiro, who was speaking to Lusa agency and RTP/Açores.

The Government of the Republic's proposal to end new residence permits for investment in housing was approved on July 6, in the Assembly of the Republic, with the favourable votes of PS, BE and PCP.

Bolieiro defended that golden visas “enhanced economic valuation” and said that “there could have been an exception” for the archipelagos.

“We manifested at the time and I had the opportunity to say, articulated, in fact, with the president [of the Government of Madeira] Miguel Albuquerque, that it was of interest to continue the project of gold visas, which in particular for our economies in the Azores and Madeira was relevant”, he stressed.