A great opportunity to have lots of fun in the Algarve is about to kick off. The name of the events is Treasure Hunt and they will be organised three times a week in three different towns in the Algarve. What can we do to get started?

Five years ago, by the hands of Sónia Peralta, a culture project was born in the Algarve. These treasure hunts are organised with a touch of history, culture and mysticism. Sónia Peralta, who works in the tourism sector for 17 years, has always made an effort to promote the history of the region, something she says is missing in the region.

Author: Sónia Peralta;

"I had a tourist route company and I worked with the historical and cultural part of the Algarve. I was one of the few that promote the historical part of the Algarve". As a region, "we continue to promote our history very little compared to other regions of the country".

Regarding the treasure hunts, she told me that the idea came up in a very natural way. "The hotels asked me for special activities for groups and so it was very natural and spontaneous, I do theatre and I was playing historical characters in the plays. It was the flow of life and creativity. I have been organising treasure hunts for five years," she said.

Author: Sónia Peralta;


During these five years, treasure hunts were organised once a month, during the night, for only €10. However, even with all the success that these activities have had, she told me that during the pandemic, they could not organise the events as they were used to, but although times have not been easy, Sónia saw it as an opportunity. "The pandemic was challenging but it also allowed us to open up to new technologies", allowing the development of an App, making the treasure hunts more adapted to the new technologies.

According to Sónia, during the treasure hunts participants look for clues that lead them to other clues, always with a lot of history and mysticism in the mix, until they find the treasure that consists on the Holy Grail code. During the treasure hunt, participants visit various museums and churches, in a moment that is both fun and didactic.

At the end of the treasure hunt, participants expect to find a treasure, in this case the Holy Grail code, but they will be in for a surprise, which may leave some more sensitive participants very emotional. "The real treasures are inside us and we have to wake them up. It's a bit different from what most people are expecting. We bring this mystical part to the treasure hunts," she said.

Author: Sónia Peralta;

Weekly treasures

If before the treasure hunts took place once a month, from 4 August they will be held every week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in Tavira, Castro Marim and Faro, respectively. This initiative will be very special because it will increase the number of events and will bring the opportunity to discover the hidden secrets that these three municipalities have to offer. The History that is frequently not told.

However, she is not the one who will introduce something new. If before the treasure hunts were held once a month in the evening, she will now start organising weekly treasure hunts in the evening.

Author: Sónia Peralta;

The week always starts on a Monday in Tavira with a Treasure Hunt scheduled for 10am, followed by Castro Marim on Wednesdays with Treasure Hunts scheduled for 5pm/5h30pm, ending the week in Faro on Fridays with Treasure Hunts every Friday at 6pm. To take part in these treasure hunts, please register at https://surveyheart.com/form/64945979e8e6435eaecac829.

The price is €22 in Castro Marim and Tavira and €24 in Faro and includes the treasure hunt itself, entry to museums and churches and a tasting of regional products. Children up to the age of seven do not pay and from seven to 13 they pay half price.


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