Speaking to Lusa, Eduardo Godinho said that the analyzes of the quality of the seawater carried out by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA) indicate "microbiological contamination" in the water of that beach, with the regional health delegate ordering the beach to be banned from bathing.

The same source said that, after receiving the information from the health delegate, the maritime authorities raised the red flag on that beach, which will remain until new analyzes confirm that the water quality is restored and does not present risks to the health of holidaymakers.

"The red flag was raised mid-morning," said the captain of the port of Faro, stressing that the APA will continue to test the seawater on the beach, as part of the regular testing of the quality of seawater that it does on Portuguese beaches.

This is the second case of beaches banned from bathing in the Algarve, after the beaches of Vale do Lobo and Quarteira, in the neighboring municipality of Loulé (Faro district), were subject to the same measure on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the ban was lifted on those beaches.