The theme for this year is “The Mosque, Symbol and Power” and will dive into the story of the building and consecration of the mosque as a space of worship and symbolic manifestation of the new religion in the beginning of the Islamification of an area that would become one of the biggest political and cultural centers in the old Algarve.

The city will be able to listen to the sermon from the Íman, the Vizir will give everyone a warm welcome and the call to prayer by the Al-Muezzin will echo through the streets. Silves promises 11 incredible days of festival, brought to life by the pitches of street salesmen, the sound of music and the vibrant dances inspired by memories of the Orient.

The mystical atmosphere of the Medieval Fair begins every day at 6 pm with the Medieval Courtship, where costumed participants parade the streets of Medina and Arrabaldes.

Lovers of disputes can assist the War Games, where a rebel who took control of the territory, Yahyâ Ibn Bakr Ibn Zadlaf, fights the Umayyad army in the Al-Mutamid square at 8 pm and 10:30 pm. Oriental Nights take place at 10:30 pm at Silves Castle and is a stunning exhibition of music, dance and fire.

One should let themselves be wrapped up in the gastronomy, shows and historical entertainment, among which a hundred contributors can be found, from artisans and sweet makers to mystics and merchants.

Sharing the immense wealth of History this city and its surrounding territory possess continues to be a priority for Silves Municipality, the event organiser said. “We know that we have a historical recreation event, and it’s that recreation that gives it soul, gives it the colour that’s so particular to Silves and its people. A diverse assortment of people, religions, cultures and lifestyles have passed through here and left us knowledge and traits very unique to us,” the mayor of Silves, Rosa Palma, explained.

“Culture is a mark of this city and its deeply connected to this heritage in which many of us pride ourselves, because Silves is a special place when it comes to culture and history.” With a strong visual production, the 18th Medieval Fair’s image will be authored by photographer André Boto.