“The result of this expressive vote manifests great confidence in the electoral college of Centre of Portugal Tourism in the list and proposals I’ve presented, which leaves me honoured and motivated, and brings me added responsibilities. The best way to thank the council, businesses and associations for this trust is to carry out my functions with double the effort,” Raul Almeida underlined.

“The one I formed in the social functions and the one that’s working every day in the Regional Entity. Together, I’m sure we’ll proceed on the path of success that has led the Centre of Portugal Tourism board for the last few years.”

Raul Almeida, who succeeds Pedro Machado in the role, was elected to a five-year mandate.

The electoral act, which determined the Executive Commission’s, General Assembly Table’s and Marketing Council’s makeups, underwent over three months of voting in Aveiro, Guarda and Leiria.

The list led by Raul Almeida was the only one to be presented to a vote. 115 associates voted, representing 72.3% of the 159 members of the electoral college. Among these, 113 votes were registered in favour, with 1 blank vote and 1 null vote, totalling 98.2% in favour.

Pedro Machado was elected president of the General Assembly Table and Jorge Almeida “Loureiro” is one of the seven members that can be elected president of the Marketing Council.

Raul Almeida won the Mira Council elections in 2013, 2017 and 2021.

He will exert functions until taking the position of President of Centre of Portugal Tourism on the 1st of September at 11:30am at the São Francisco Convent in Coimbra.