In a statement, the regulator states that "the number of installed 5G base stations increased by 12%, corresponding to 839 new stations, in a total of 7,831 stations", and that "all municipalities already have 5G base stations installed".

NOS "remains the operator that has so far installed the most stations, followed by Vodafone and MEO", he continues.

According to information reported to ANACOM, in the second trimester of the year, "the number of base stations installed in the national territory with 5G technology amounted to 7,831 stations, distributed over 308 municipalities and 1,833 parishes".

In Portugal, MEO is the operator that has the most 5G stations spread across the municipalities, totalling 304 stations, in a total of 308 municipalities in Portugal. NOS is present with 5G stations in 276 municipalities and Vodafone in 268 municipalities.