Where they happen to be. For many associations, abandoned animals are a headache. But, for those dealing with feral colonies, it is a nightmare. APAA, Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, have always been diligent with the feral cat population. Zélia Santos, heads up their team of cat-nappers, and recently with Jenny, President, received a kind bonus from the Camara Municipal Portimão.

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The money is for their sterilisation programme SNiP. Coincidentally, also in the feral feline cat colonisation charity, is ARA. Animal Rescue Algarve. Their founder, Sid Richardson and his team of ‘cat people’ met with Quarteira’s President Telmo Pinto, to open a new natty cat, town-house. The project has been named ‘Vilas dos Gatos’. Sid is happy. “We aim to have a few of the ‘town-houses’ put in place around the Albufeira area.” The group are getting ready for another photograph.

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“It’s not a single-handed thing. There are lots of wonderful helpers and supporters, they are outstanding!” The ARA team is quite a large one, a mixture of paid staff and volunteers. Their HQ ‘Cabanita’ a shelter outside of Loulé. Jenny’s APAA and Sid’s ARA teams have become closely bonded, through the ‘Legacy for Pets’ campaign, interest in which is growing rapidly. “The lives of our pet(s) after we are gone, or have to go into care, is so important.” Jenny has just finished the season’s ‘Pop-Up’ Shops with Anita and signed up with ‘Legacy’.

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Spreading the word around the community is so important. Both Jenny and Sid agree on more than ‘Legacy’. Their roles in sterilisation, or SNiP as APAA’s campaign is known and Sid’s ‘Vilas dos Gatos’ is getting to be more and more important. Unsterilized cats, unfortunately, increase rapidly in numbers. Feral cats avoid being caught, hiding until dark and then come out to feed. The catchers and trappers whisk their targets off, for a little operation, rested, tested and put into a colony. In this way, associations can monitor what is happening, on planet ‘Cat’ Both APAA and ARA have, again, coincidentally, used the same builders for the posh, pussycat, colonies’ housing. Silves Prison. The staff kindly oversee the projects carried out by the prisoners, who insist building to design, and with quality. They are very proud of their housing output. All cat carers are outstandingly dedicated to their tireless work. Catcher, Margarida Fonseca working along with ARA’s team Cidalia, Cristina and Anabela agree. “It's hard work, waiting, watching and catching. Releasing a sterilised cat has to be the winner!”.