St. Thomas the apostle, Patron of Architects, was a Galilean of humble birth. He had an ardent love for Jesus and was willing to die for him. After the crucifixion, he separated from the other apostles and did not believe the report that Jesus was risen. For this, he was merited the title of Doubting Thomas. A week later, Jesus appeared again and told him to put his finger into his wounds and to believe. At this, Thomas answered: My Lord and my God And Jesus concluded: You have come to believe because you have seen me. Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed (St. John 21:24-29).

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Tradition says that after Pentecost, Thomas was captured and sold as a slave to Gundafor, King of India. Having heard of his mastery in architecture, the king ordered Thomas to build for him a magnificent palace. In his absence, Thomas distributed to the poor all the money he had received for the construction. On his return, Gundafor asked for the new palace, but Thomas answered: You cannot see it now, but only when you have left this world. Gundafor was about to flay him alive when his brother reported that he had seen in a vision the palace that Thomas had prepared for him in heaven. The king liberated Thomas and was baptized together with many of his people. Afterwards, Thomas went all over India evangelizing, until he got into trouble with King Mazday for converting his wife. Eventually, he was led to the top of a hill and killed.