Lagoa celebrates 250 years since the creation of the municipality marking the 42nd edition of the Handicraft, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Fair of Lagoa a rather important one.

FATACIL expects to receive 20,000 visitors per day and will be home to 700 exhibitors, dozens of concerts and the largest Fun Zone yet. The probability of setting new box office records is on the cards, which last year reached 215 thousand visitors.

"This will undoubtedly be the biggest and best edition of FATACIL ever. In a year in which Lagoa celebrates the 250 years of the creation of the municipality, "said Luís Encarnação, Mayor of Lagoa.

The headliners announced are better than ever with renowned musicians to suit all tastes: Richie Campbell, Diogo Piçarra, Badoxa, Toy, Quim Barreiros, Chico da Tina, Miguel Araújo, Os Quatro e Meia, Bárbara Tinoco and Mariza with the Algarve Orchestra. "We bring, for the first time, the musician Badoxa, to FATACIL. In this way, I invite all Lagoenses to visit FATACIL, on this particular day, to see him, to hear him and to support him", appeals Luís Encarnação, Mayor of Lagoa.

This edition promises many novelties including the Lagoa Stage, which is located in the restaurant area, adding another layer to the cultural diversity of the fair. The Algarve Wines lounge will be expanded so that there is more space for visitors.

Additionally, the concerts taking place on the FATACIL stage (the main stage) will be broadcast in the restaurant area, so that those in that area or in the lounge area can watch the concerts or even take part in an interactive quiz show.

The space “Amar a Terra” which translates to “Love the Earth” is a section that promotes products of excellence from the Serra, Barrocal and Litoral do Algarve and has also been expanded, in order to give space to lots more activities.

As mentioned, the Fun Zone has been expanded so that the youngest members of the family are kept entertained. This edition also includes the “Animals on the loose” parade which will end on the Lagoa stage and is sure to delight visitors. On the theme of sustainability, they will have reusable cups with the motto “Better the same glass than a dozen on the floor.”

"That cliché phrase 'FATACIL is always the same', has for many years ceased to make sense," said Luís Encarnação, Mayor of Lagoa.

The infrastructures of FATACIL23 are prepared for the masses, with 11 car parks, security post, first aid station and several ticket offices. Nevertheless, the organisation advises the purchase of tickets prior to the event online, in order to avoid long queues. Fair hours are from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Tickets will be available for purchase in the coming days, with the daily ticket costing 5 euros, the family daily ticket costing 16 euros and the pass for the 10 days costing 30 euros. Children up to and including 12 years old do not pay admission, upon presentation of their Citizen Card.

Tickets can be purchased through the online ticket office, at CTT, Fnac, Worten, Centro Cultural Convento de S. José, Balcão Único Municipal and at the site of the fair.


FATACIL stage:

18 August – Richie Campbell

19 August – Diogo Piçarra

20 August – Badoxa

21 August – Toy

22 August – Quim barreiros

23 August – Chico da Tina

24 August – Miguel Araújo

25 August – Os Quatro e Meia

26 August – Bárbara Tinoco

27 August – Mariza com a Orquestra do Algarve

Lagoa stage (second stage):

18 August

18H30 - 20H15 - Sunset DJ Alexandre Ramos Feat Gil Abrantes (sax)

20h30 - 22H15 – Beto Kalulu and Chico Barata

19 August

18H30 - 20H15 - Sunset DJ Alexandre Ramos Feat Gil Abrantes (sax)

20H30 - 22H15 – Carolina Fonson

20 August

20h30 – 22h15 – Sneaky Mouse

21 August

20h30 – 22h15 – Giletes D`Aço

22 August

20h30-22h15 - 1001 noites de acordeão com o acordeonista Francisco Saboia, Pietro Adragna, Petar Maric e Luís Mira

23 August

20h30–22h15 – 5EX Band

24 August

20h30-22h15 – Plasticine

25 August

18H30 – 20h15 - Sunset DJ Alexandre Ramos Feat Gil Abrantes (sax)

20h30-22h15 – Ricardo Sousa

26 August

18H30 - 20H15 - Sunset DJ Alexandre Ramos Feat Gil Abrantes (sax)

20h30-22h15 – Grupo de Cantares Fonte Nova e Grupo de Cantares do Parchal

27 August

20h30-22h15 – Luana Velasquez (Fado)

For more information and to keep up to date with the latest FATACIL news, search Fatacil on Facebook and Instagram. Alternatively, you can visit