“At the moment, as it’s public, the Government finds itself in the preparation phase of the law that will frame the conditions for privatisation and, over the interest of different companies in TAP, we wanted to only value the fact that TAP is on an excellent recovery trajectory,” he stated.

Questioned about the interest from Air France-KLM, which admitted to keeping a minor position in the company’s privatisation process, João Galamba brought up the “important agreements with the company that returned social tranquillity” and the nomination of a new administration.

Said new administration, together with “the workers, the two custodians, and the Government are very committed, pleased with TAP’s results and have a good expectation towards the privatisation process,” he underlined.

“Now we want to simply value the fact that the company has good results, they were very promising in 2022. The data up until now says that 2023 will be even better than last year, and we’d like to highlight this path of consolidation, restructuring and sustainability for TAP,” he added.

In the understanding of the Minister of Infrastructure, it’s only this way that “good conditions are created for a capital opening project for TAP that’s ongoing.”

“Further details will be known when we have more details to give,” the minister concluded.

TAP recorded a profit of 65.6 million euros in 2022 and in March announced the company announced they’d returned to positive results after a loss of 1.6 billion euros in 2021 and before the scheduled restructuring plan.