Mary told The Portugal News that “I have actually done a charity swim before but about five years ago but this time this is to raise funds for four different causes: Casa de Acolhimento Os Pirilampos, The Mercy ships, Orphanage in Lesotho and to quite a few Ukrainian families that come to our church which is the International Evangelical Church of the Algarve.”

Adding, “The Lesotho orphanage was run by Jill Kinsey who was instrumental in raising funds over the many years she was in charge with volunteers.”

Mary explained “I was very good friends with a lady called Peta Birch, who sadly died in 2013. Her and her husband Athol, were instrumental in helping orphans in the area. The orphanage Casa de Acolhimento Os Pirilampos is in the grounds of Peta and her husband who donated some of their land to the Albufeira Câmara in order for the orphanage to be built and we very much have a connection with them.”

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Mary Moore;

“Peta was the most wonderful person and whenever I am going to my bridge club on a Tuesday, I pass the roundabout, where I would go to meet her and she will always be in my memory.”

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