One male and two female cubs were born on June 9 to five-year-old mother Laxmi and five-year-old father Grga.

The cubs have been resting, eating, and being fed by their mother for the past few weeks in their nesting box at Fota.

The red panda, which is closely related to racoons, is in grave danger. There may just be 2,500 adult individuals left in the wild, according to estimates.

According to recent estimates, the population has decreased by 50% just in the previous 20 years. Many species that are vulnerable or endangered in the wild are bred in the Fota Wildlife Park as part of an international breeding project.

Seven red pandas now reside in Fota's "Asian Sanctuary" in a specially constructed habitat.

The primary component of the red panda's diet is bamboo, and Fota provides its residents with park-grown bamboo for their use.