The company is running three connections a day, which now allows Faro Airport to become an alternative when choosing air travel to and from Portugal.

“The truth is that it is much cheaper to travel from airports outside the big capitals, and this line responds to this growing trend in Portugal. It's a three-hour trip, but it's possible to get a flight for up to a third of the price, when compared to the same flight from Lisbon”, explains Pablo Pastega, general director of FlixBus in Portugal and Spain.

This new line complements the reinforcement of the operation to the Algarve, which has 90% more on offer this summer, compared to the trips made available last year.

Also according to Pablo Pastega, “This is the holiday season for the Portuguese, which also justifies the increase in demand, especially for beach destinations. And then we cannot forget the explosive growth of the travel and tourism sector that has been seen in Portugal since the beginning of the year. Portugal is considered the best country in the world to travel, and obviously, this is reflected in the demand for travel to and from the country”, he concluded.