Miguel Fontes, Secretary of State for Labour, and João Paulo Correia (Sports), underlined that retaining talent is a priority for the Government and that Portugal “is today a competitive country”, capable of attracting qualified young people.

“The doors are wide open for all those who want to make a living in Portugal”, said the Secretary of State for Labour.

Miguel Fontes immediately highlighted the “Regressar” programme, under which around 19,500 Portuguese who were abroad have returned to their country of origin.

The official recalled that that program implies “a highly favourable tax regime” in the first five years after the return.

“Portugal is big enough and needs everyone”, he emphasised.

He also alluded to the commitment to decent work and the fight against precariousness, as well as better wages and a better distribution of wealth, as essential conditions for attracting young talent.

Along the same lines, the Secretary of State for Youth and Sports, João Paulo Correia, emphasised Portugal's economic growth, "with more jobs and rising wages", along with Portugal being "a safe country with a future, with solid bases in what is the construction of its economy”.

“Portugal is seen from an international point of view as a growing economy, one of the fastest growing in Europe, where the average salary is also growing. By the way, in the month of May, the average salary grew above inflation, which means that there was a real gain in purchasing power. This is also the vision that the world and Europe and international economies have about our country”, he said.

João Paulo Correia also highlighted Portugal's commitment to the so-called "digital nomads".