In its 2nd edition already, the event once again values musical education, with workshops throughout the five days, appealing to various tastes and experiences. With direction from Edgar Caramelo and with a duration of 33 hours, the participants can choose to highlight instruments like their voice, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, drums, guitar, bass and cello, with the possibility of learning recorder, clarinet, and vibraphone too, among others. The activities occur at the Naus Elementary School and its audience is those taking their first steps, but also those who want to expand their musical knowledge. Sign-ups are open until August 12th for those over 12 years old through an online form.

Over the day (10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm), talks and debates will be presented about many topics that cover music developed from the 20th century onwards, like History, cultural movements, instrumentation and aesthetic, as well as the sharing of experiences between music professionals about showbiz and instrument classes to work on technical aspects.

Nights from 7:30pm onwards will be dedicated to the festival’s concerts, which will take place on Praia da Luz, next to the fortress. It’s five days of musical shows of the most varied styles and genres, from the vibrant sound of Jazz and Bossa Nova to the contagious rhythm of Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop and Pop. Artists taking part in the 2nd edition of Lagos MMFEST are Sunset Jazz Session, LANA GASPARØTTI and Panda Collective (August 22nd); José Martin, OLL SMALL and Mistura Fina + Edgar Caramelo (August 23rd); Ricardo Jesus Duo, Aruguá and Joydan (August 24th); Sunset Jazz Session, Dixie’s Land OLL and Lagos Light Orchestra (August 25th); and the workshop students’ presentation, Marta Lima and Os Compotas (August 26th).

Lagos MMFEST – Modern Music Festival is an organisation by the Lagos Light Orchestra which counts on the support of Lagos Council, S. Gonçalo, Luz and Odiáxere parishes, the Algarve Cultural Regional Directory and the Gil Eanes School Group.