“It's been an unexpected hit,” admits producer Terry Costa. “And only now, a year after its release, has the documentary begun to be embraced by festivals in the English-speaking world.”

The documentary CORDAS has already been screened at 182 festivals in 46 countries, and the thirty-second prize comes from the Hollywood Gold Awards. “Just the fact that our work has reached so many corners of the world is already satisfying, being nominated, or even winning awards is a bonus,” says Terry Costa. It didn't get the gold, but the Silver Award for Short Documentary went to CORDAS, which satisfies the producer.

The documentary, with images and editing by Diogo Rola, was exhibited this August in Australia, Canada and the United States of America. It has already been shown in Scotland, at the Feel the Reel International Film Festival, receiving a nomination for Best Short Doc. This week, MiratecArts, the producer of the festival and documentary, received news that the work managed to enter the official selection for Liverpool Indie Festival, where only 20% of the 669 candidate films were accepted. “Through the arts, we manage to bring the four corners of the world closer together, and this project is just a success story, which still has a lot of future,” concludes Terry Costa.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: MiratecArts;

The Festival takes place annually in the municipality of Madalena, on the island of Pico, Azores. The next edition is being planned for October 1st to 8th, from the highest mountain in Portugal to the natural pools of Pico, from the CeIIa Bar to the Madalena Auditorium. www.miratecarts.com