Once an owner partner has been appropriately onboarded and introduced to the operations team who will keep the property to the highest standard, it’s time to get guests in the door. Operating 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the reservations team are always on hand to turn holiday dreams into a reality.

An unmatched understanding of guest and owner needs

The dedicated reservations team is led by Nicola Thiesing, who has many years of experience within reservations and the tourism sector. “We strive to actively listen, provide personalised service, anticipate needs, and pay attention to detail. In addition, we are flexible, proactive, and continuously improving, ensuring we can turn our guest's dreams into reality.”

When a guest enquires, the reservations team will take this information to create a bespoke selection of potential villas based on the needs they have shared. It is not just about understanding the needs of potential guests. Our owner partners have put their complete trust in us, so reservations also work closely with them to manage expectations and convert this into steady rental income. With continuous marketing campaigns and busy peak seasons, it means our reservations department is always prepared for a rush of enquiries. To help them really stay on top of this demand, knowledge and understanding is imperative.

Knowledge is power

Potential guests will feel in safe hands if the team displays great knowledge that helps them secure their booking efficiently. Nicola, along with Kim, Isabel and Marco, have an encyclopaedic knowledge of our portfolio, with over 400 villas and apartments, so they can send a shortlist to guests. They are also experts in local knowledge of the Golden Triangle and the Algarve as a whole. They are not just reservations specialists. For our guests, they will become their tour guide, their travel agent and the friendly faces who provide complete peace of mind. Alongside this knowledge, seamless communication makes the perfect recipe for a truly fantastic reservations team.

Forever exceeding guest expectations

The reservations team have an amazing talent for creating excitement and anticipation for our incoming guests… before completely exceeding these expectations. The feedback from our guests speaks volumes about the ease and comfort reservations provide them when they are trying to book a big family getaway. We look forward to going behind the scenes with more of the SandyBlue departments in our upcoming series - stay tuned!

For more information contact SandyBlue on +44 (0)207 183 0412 (UK) or +351 289 392 236 (PT).