“The NRP 'Figueira da Foz' and the NRP 'Dragão' accompanied and monitored, since the 16th of August, the Russian Federation ship 'RFS Mercuriy', of the Steregushchiy class, which was sailing in transit off the coast of Portugal”, revealed the Navy, in a statement sent to newsrooms.

The Navy recalled that “the monitoring of Russian naval units stems from the defense of national interests and the exercise of State authority at sea” and “also contributes to Portugal’s commitment to the Alliance’s collective effort to maintain maritime situational awareness”.

The Portuguese Navy has accompanied several Russian ships recently, in their passage off the national coast.

Last week, for example, they accompanied the passage of the Russian ship “Kildin”.

The most controversial case occurred in March of this year, when 13 sailors from the ship assigned to the Maritime Zone of Madeira "refused to carry out" a mission to accompany a Russian ship north of Porto Santo, claiming "a malfunction in one of the engines".