According to data released by the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere (IPMA), among the highest maximum temperatures were Alvega (Abrantes, Santarém) and Pinhão (Alijó, Vila Real) with 45.6°C, followed by Tomar (Santarém), with 45.4°C in Lousã (Coimbra) with 45.2°C.

“Until (…) 18:00 on the 22nd of August 2023, very high values of air temperature were recorded”.

In addition to maximum air temperature values equal to or greater than 40°C in about 50% of the territory, temperatures above 42°C were also recorded in 15% of the territory, detailed the IPMA in the statement.

Maximum air temperature values equal to or greater than 35°C occurred in about 80% of the territory, while temperatures equal to or greater than 30°C occurred “in practically the entire territory”, with the exception of Cabo Carvoeiro, S. Pedro Muel, Santa Cruz, Cabo da Roca and Cabo Raso.

In 20 stations, the previous highest maximum temperature values for the month of August were surpassed: Pinhão (45.6°C), Tomar/Vale Donas (45.4°C), Lousã (45.2°C), Mirandela (43.8°C), Cabeceiras de Basto (43.5°C), Ansião (43.4°C), Nelas (42.8°C), Moimenta da Beira (42.5°C), Chaves/Aérodromo (42.4°C), Macedo Cavaleiros (41.5°C), Viseu/Aérodromo (41.1°C), Vila Real/Aérodromo (40.8°C), Miranda do Douro (40.8°C ), Carrazeda (40.7°C), Bragança (40.6°C), Trancoso/Bandarra (40.1°C), Mogadouro (40°C), Vinhais (39.9°C), Luzim (39 .8°C) and Montalegre (37.5°C).

In seven of these stations – Tomar/Vale Donas, Cabeceiras de Basto, Nelas, Viseu/Aérodromo, Trancoso/Bragança, Luzim and Montalegre – “the previous absolute extremes were exceeded”.