Recently hired by Jorge Jesus' Al Hilal, Neymar was last week in Santo Estevão, Benavente, where he established a partnership with the Portuguese equestrian world.

The Brazilian international visited the facilities of the Horse Team/Campline Horses group and had the opportunity to see the Purebred Lusitano horses, in addition to recording an advertising campaign that will mark the partnership with the company, of which he will be a global ambassador.

Neymar will also sponsor the Brazilian Dressage Team, made up of João Marcari Oliva and Renderson Oliveira, who ride Escorial and Fogoso, two Purebred Lusitanos belonging to Horse Team/Campline Horses. In October, they will participate in the Pan American Games, in Chile.

“I am very happy to be part of the Horse Team/Campline Horses family, even more so to meet the two riders, for everything they have done to take Brazil to the top of equestrian sport. I have always been curious to learn more about horses and look forward to learning more from them and celebrating the victories to come. This partnership does not only involve sport, but also the values we share: teamwork, defense of equality, protection of animals, nature and, of course, love for Brazil”, said the Brazilian player.

“Having Neymar as a global ambassador is an extraordinary step and a huge responsibility, for everything he represents in world sport. We believe that this partnership will inspire a wider audience to appreciate the talent, beauty and values of dressage, enhancing Portugal as a tourist destination with an equestrian tradition”, said Rui Hortelão, CEO of the Horse Team/Campline Horses Group.