According to a report by Postal, the rules regarding driving in the middle lane are outlined in Article 13 of the Highway Code, “driving position”.

The Highway Code states that:

  1. The driving position of the vehicles must be on the right side of the carriageway, keeping a sufficient distance from curbs or sidewalks to avoid accidents.
  2. When necessary, the left side of the carriageway can be used to overtake or change direction.
  3. Whenever, in the same direction, there are two or more lanes of traffic, this must be done by the lane furthest to the right, however, another one may be used if there is no space in that lane, as well as to overtake or change direction.
  4. Anyone who violates the provisions of paragraph 1 is punished with a fine of (euro) 60 to (euro) 300, except as provided in the following number.
  5. Whoever circulates in the opposite direction to that established is sanctioned with a fine of (euro) 250 to (euro) 1250.

In addition to the fine, you may also be issued with an accessory penalty of driving disqualification for a period of between two months and two years.

If on a motorway the car in front of you is driving in the middle lane and you want to overtake it, you will have to move to the left lane and then return to the right lane.

Can you lose points on your driving license if you drive in the middle lane?

The National Road Safety Authority (ANSR) clarifies that driving in the middle lane is considered a very serious offense and can result in the subtraction of points from the driving license.

It should be recalled that Article No. 146 of the Highway Code establishes that very serious administrative offenses are sanctioned, in general, with 4 points on the driving licence.