Mariana Vieira da Silva has not provided details about what measures will be announced. However, she admits that the Government is studying new measures to mitigate the impact of rising prices.

In an interview with Jornal de Negócios, she states that the Executive is “currently reflecting” on what support remains necessary, “possibly new instruments need to be developed” and which are no longer necessary. “This is the time for the Government’s internal work to prepare the Budget and we will be here from October 10th to present it”, said the government official in statements to the newspaper.

In terms of IRS reduction, Vieira da Silva makes it clear that the Government will not go beyond what is already foreseen in the Stability Program. As for salaries, the minister recognises that “companies have raised salaries above the minimum wage”. “Having salaries rise more than what was foreseen in the income agreement” was “the objective” they were looking for, she says. “And what we are committed to, with the social partners, is to carry out this permanent assessment and that is what must be done now in terms of social consultation”, concludes Mariana Vieira da Silva.