"Huawei Portugal filed an administrative action at the Lisbon Administrative Court against deliberation 1/2023 and related documents relating to 5G equipment, issued by the Security Assessment Committee," said an official source.

In May, the Security Assessment Committee, within the scope of the Superior Cyberspace Security Council, released a deliberation on the "high risk" for the security of 5G networks and services from the use of equipment from suppliers that, among other criteria, are from outside the EU, NATO or OECD and that "the legal system of the country in which they are domiciled" or connected "allows the Government to exercise control, interference or pressure over their activities operating in third countries".

The deliberation does not mention the names of companies or countries, but what is certain is that the case of Huawei comes to mind, particularly because the Chinese technology was banned from 5G networks in other European countries.