According to the document, this regional strike covers the hospitals of Loures, Vila Franca de Xira, Garcia de Orta, José de Almeida-Cascais and the hospital centers of Barreiro-Montijo, Setúbal and Psychiatry of Lisbon.

Likewise, the strike also affects doctors at the Institute of Ophthalmology Gama Pinto (Lisbon), the IPO in Lisbon and the IPJD – Department of Sports Medicine, as well as groups of health centers (ACES) in Cascais, Loures/Odivelas, Tagus Estuary, Almada/Seixal, Arco Ribeirinho and Arrábida.

SIM states that the strike takes place “in the form of a total strike and with absence from the workplace” and that it will last between 00:00 on September 13th and 24:00 on September 14th.

The union states that the strike aims to encourage the Government to give “an effective response to the union's list of demands” and wants the Ministers of Finance and Health to present “a proposal for a salary scale that will replace the career losses accumulated due to of the inflationary erosion of the last decade and that positions the entire medical profession, including interns, with honor and justice in the Single Remuneration Table for public service”.

This is the most recent regional doctors' strike called by SIM, and the second in this region, after a first (on 23 and 24 August), Algarve, Alentejo and Azores (30 and 31 August), Centro (09 and 10 of August).

Two strikes are planned for ARS Norte, between September 6th and 7th and September 20th and 21st.