As a leading villa rental agency in the Algarve’s Golden Triangle, SandyBlue has managed to do just that. Our company statistics alone demonstrate the dedication it takes to bring the Algarve’s tourism offering to a whole new level.

How has the villa rental space grown this year?

The SandyBlue team wanted to share some top-line statistics to show how performance continues to shine.

First, adopting world-class sales technologies has dramatically increased efficiency and trading success. With better tools to assist, the team can focus on being more proactive and strategise in a clearer way. From June 2023, we have seen sales increase by 40 percent compared to 2022. The sales team, along with guest services, have focused on a better customer journey to see better conversion rates.

On average, our reservations team has managed to achieve a 30 percent conversion rate which is significantly higher than the industry average. In our super peak season, we have seen over 85 percent occupancy in July and over 95 percent in August across our portfolio of exclusive properties.

With more ways to digest content, reaching customers online is no easy task. With a growing social presence, our email marketing also shatters industry benchmarks. Email open rates are an average of 44 percent, where the benchmark is 20 percent in the travel industry. Meanwhile, click rates are 5 percent higher than the industry average. It shows how relatable and consistent communication builds unbeatable trust.

All of this does not only show promise for the villa rental space but for tourism in the Algarve as a whole. With a focus on 2024 already underway, and attracting customers to enjoy an autumn break, the success can only continue. We highly encourage villa owners to reach out to SandyBlue for a free rental projection to make the most of this ever-increasing demand.

For more information contact SandyBlue on +44 (0)207 183 0412 (UK) or +351 289 392 236 (PT).