“Both orders consider that the country's housing needs, which are urgent and need to be resolved with determination, must be mitigated through the State's own promotion mechanisms, without prejudice to the freedom of private initiative”, reads a statement.

In their joint position on the “pressing housing crisis” in the country, architects and engineers say they are prepared to conceive, design and adopt the “necessary decisions for Portugal to meet the serious existing housing needs”.

They claim to be equally available to help design “public policies” that are decisive in resolving this crisis, arguing that they have the capacity to intervene at the level of housing, urban planning, the environment and the landscape, in order to “think and design” solutions.

“It is important that decision-makers at national, regional and local levels become aware of this unavoidable reality”, state the orders.

For organizations that represent architects and engineers, the State should be the “main driver of projects that respond to the housing needs that the Portuguese face”.

“This is the time to act without delay”, urge the orders.