In a statement, the Judiciary Police said that it carried out, in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, a police operation, called 'Corpus Insanus', which involved strong evidence of the crimes of trafficking prohibited substances, qualified tax fraud, and money-laundering related to the illicit laboratory production of anabolic steroids.

During the operation, 11 search warrants were executed, six of which were domestic and five were non-domestic, and two arrest warrants were also executed for the main suspects.

According to the PJ, the searches carried out allowed the dismantling of a clandestine laboratory for the mass production of anabolic substances, probably the largest to date.

Laboratory equipment and industrial machines for the production of these substances were seized, in addition to prohibited substances with a completed production process and already packaged and labelled, which contained cartons, holograms, and leaflets, enabling the doping products in question to enter the market, with the appearance of certified production and legitimate laboratory production.

The PJ emphasizes that, during the operation, more than 250,000 euros in cash and digital assets, namely cryptocurrency, were also seized, as well as four luxury vehicles, valued at around 300,000 euros.

According to the PJ, one of the detainees was placed in custody and the other was required to present themselves twice a week to the authorities, after being present for their first judicial interrogation at the Central Criminal Investigation Court.