Together with fellow DJ Grimshaw (39), the Dublin-born DJ and broadcaster known by her stage name Annie Mac will discuss the music stories that are trending.

Macmanus (45) said of the upcoming podcast: “I'm dead excited to be working with Grim again.”

“He is one of my oldest friends and together with a top BBC production team, I think we’re going to make something really authentic and fun – an essential listen for all fans of music and music culture. I can’t wait to get stuck in.”

“I'm so excited to be able to spend time with you guys talking about the week in music, from the sublime to the ridiculous,” said Grimshaw.

“It's great that Annie and Nick are back in the BBC family with their unique sense of humour and passion for music,” said Lorna Clarke, director of music at the BBC.

There isn't a better team, in my opinion, to bring fans of music and pop culture together and give them the inside scoop from the entertainment industry.

Macmanus and Grimshaw will be joined on the podcast by artists, friends, industry professionals, and listeners as they share their candid opinions and memories.

Up until 2021, Macmanus hosted Radio One's Dance Party for the BBC. Currently, she is the host of the podcast Changes With Annie Macmanus, where she has conducted interviews with stars like Will Young, Joanne McNally, and Louis Theroux.

A BBC Audio production for BBC Sounds, Sidetracked with Annie and Nick, will start airing on a weekly basis on September 28.