This extraordinary art event was unveiled to the public at a press conference held at the Airport Club Complex in Blotzheim/Basel on September 12th, in which ARTIADE introduced its sponsor partner Hoga Capital from Switzerland.

ARTIADE - Olympics of Art is a global initiative inviting artists from around the world to showcase their talent and creativity. Collaborating with numerous foreign ministries and cultural ministries, previous editions of the Artiade - Olympics of Art have received significant support, fostering a diverse and inclusive artistic community.

Increase dialogue between countries and cultures

This Venue of art creates new avenues for the artistic expression outside the established routes, in order to encourage artists who might otherwise remain undiscovered. To document contemporary society for posterity, through the means of artistic endeavour. The main criterion for selection will be the artists’ uniqueness of expression, rather than any current international trends in art. Reflecting the multitude of the participating countries, ‘the ARTIDE represents these nations‘ intellectual and mental aspects in the form of art - in a universal concert conveying the collective of the human society and thus communicating the cultural identity. It increases a dialogue between cultures, which is important especially in today’s world.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Client; ARTIADE-Founder-Renate-Westhoff

”It is the artist works that tell us about life in the countries from which they come...” Quote Gerhard Mack - ART Magazine Germany. Thus the ARTIADE offers artists the possibility of showing the world their skill and artistry. At the same time it generated an international meeting place for artists, art-lovers and collectors.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Client; Patrick Harmuth-Issuer-castello-coin, Renate Westhoff-Artiade-Founder, Hendrik Gottschalk-NFT-expert-Castello-Coin, Felix Hoetzinger-Project-Manager

We also cordially invite Portuguese artists to exhibit their works at this unique art event and apply through the website Our goal is to unite as many nations under one roof, so we would be happy to see Portuguese artists represented in large numbers.

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Client;

ARTIADE founder: "We have had a great response from the artist. The exhibition in New York withs the additional NFT option creates a superlative art exhibition in every respect." Renate Westhoff, the initiator of ARTIADE, now hosting it for the third time, sees immense potential in digitalization: "With Castello Coin, we provide our artists with new avenues for global self-promotion. Art can transcend borders and promote the exchange of cultures. This is particularly crucial for artists from developing countries with limited access to the art market and the financial systems of industrialized nations." Artists can apply for ARTIADE until February 29, 2024. Patrick Harmuth, President of the blockchain company - Hoga Capital and issuer of Castello Coin, concurs: "We look forward to artworks from around the world that will bring people together in New York and on digital platforms during the Olympics of Art."