The President of the Municipal Assembly of Faro, Cristóvão Norte said, in a statement, that the document will be delivered at a hearing granted by the president of the AR, Augusto Santos Silva, who will be represented by one of the vice-presidents of the body, Adão Silva.

“The creation of a new Algarve Central Hospital constitutes an undeniable necessity for the region. It is uncontroversial because, since 2003, all governments, without exception, parties, deputies, mayors, orders, unions, among others, have highlighted that this is a fundamental infrastructure”.

He added that the Algarve needs “a modern hospital infrastructure that provides greater differentiation of medical care and that promotes the establishment of human resources in the region”, constituting not only a “social imperative”, but also economic.

Convinced that access to healthcare in the Algarve is terrible, the president of the Municipal Assembly of Faro also states that the medicine course at the University of Algarve “is at risk” without the HCA and that it is necessary to improve coordination with primary care and private and private institutions, if the hospital construction progresses.

Entitled “New Central Hospital of the Algarve now”, the petition highlights that a study commissioned in 2005 by the Government referred to the HCA as ranked second in the ordering of priorities for the construction of new hospital units.