“This announcement is a drop in the ocean. It’s very little and it doesn’t resolve the underlying issue,” the spokesperson for the Via do Infante Users Commission (CUVI) told the Lusa agency. João Vasconcelos assured that the commission will continue to fight for the “abolition” of tolls on the A22, better known as Via do Infante, which connects Lagos to Vila Real de Santo António.

“The [national road] 125 is not an alternative to the A22, and what’s more, it is not fully redeveloped, especially between Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António”.

The Government will reduce tolls by 30% on several ex-SCUT (free roads for the user), including the A22, in the Algarve, announced today by the Minister of Territorial Cohesion, Ana Abrunhosa.

“We will have a 30% reduction compared to current prices on roads such as the A22 (Via do Infante/Algarve), the A23 (Beira Interior), the A24 (Interior Norte), the A25 (Beiras Litoral and Alta), the A4 (Marão Tunnel), the A13 and A13-1 (Pinhal Interior)”, said the official.

The representative of Via do Infante users also complained that “the Government does not comply and only harms the people of the Algarve”. According to João Vasconcelos, the Assembly of the Republic approved a resolution in 2020 which, in one of its points, provided for the lifting of tolls on the A22 until Estrada Nacional 125 was reclassified.

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